Physiotherapy at Southwell Wellbeing Centre

Physiotherapy at Southwell Wellbeing Centre

Generally, the earlier an injury is assessed and appropriately treated the quicker it will resolve. Commonly we don’t seek help for our own injury or condition where we would definitely tell a friend or relative that it’s time they got it treated! Our bodies are extremely good at repairing soft tissue injuries given the chance, but often we inadvertently delay the healing process through poor management in the early stages.

During your 40 minute consultation with me we will:

  • Establish the nature of the problem, how you can best manage your condition and the likely timescale for recovery
  • Offer ‘hands on’ therapeutic massage targeting trigger points that are causing pain
  • Use joint and soft tissue mobilization techniques
  • Use electrotherapy: Ultrasound, Interferential Therapy and TENS if necessary
  • Give you a programme of specific stretching programmes or strengthening exercises so that you can aid your recovery at home
  • Apply kinesiology tape to offer additional support to affected areas, if beneficial
  • Offer postural and ergonomic advice if your working or home life is affecting your health
  • Chat about management strategies in the earlier acute phase of pain and long-term strategies for the prevention of future episodes.

Your physiotherapy treatment is always based on individual assessment of the specific nature of your problem, and your own needs.

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