I wanted to see a local physio having experienced lower back pain for a number of years. Fiona has helped me manage my condition, relieving much of the stiffness and discomfort and helped to keep me mobile. Having regular physiotherapy has enabled me to continue to pursue activities that I enjoy like running, swimming, bouldering and Pilates. Fiona is an excellent physiotherapist and is very receptive to patient feedback and helping working through other niggles that arise from time to time through pursuing tougher physical challenges and wanting to achieve new exercise goals.

Nick July 2019

Hi Fiona, just to say I have continued to have an amazing day with my shoulder!
I feel kind of elated!!! It’s immensely better - like I said, it’s as if oil has been poured in there.
I was kind of not looking forward to the session as didn’t know what would be in store.
However, you have achieved more than I could have hoped for today!
Thanks so much!
My holiday breaststroke might look doable yet (since it’s the only way I can swim!!!)   Have a brilliant weekend!

Jeni August 2019

I would like to thank Fiona Cameron for the excellent service and care over the last couple of years. Initially I saw Fiona for a problem with my hip and leg and more recently for shoulder impingement. On both occasions Fiona addressed the problem straight away with a combination of deep tissue massage, ultrasound for my shoulder, and a simple routine of exercises. Throughout my treatment Fiona was very approachable, considerate and professional at all times. My comfort level was checked throughout each session and progress was measured throughout. I’m delighted to say my initial hip problem has now settled but I will continue to observe the excellent advice Fiona gave me moving forward in my day-to-day activities. We’re seeing how my shoulder recovers with stretching at home and thoroughly commend her for this open approach. I can’t thank Fiona enough and would highly recommend her to anyone with absolute confidence!

Julie Oakton, Southwell Jan 2018

Fiona instantly puts you at ease with her relaxed but friendly manner. She is extremely knowledgeable and spent time carefully explaining exactly what was causing my pain and how it could be corrected. She indeed did correct my problem and ease my pain she is a very talented and clearly very experienced physio and I would not hesitate to recommend you visit her.

Sophie May 2019

Having always been fairly fit the onset of osteoarthritis in my right knee was a problem. Fiona tackled this problem immediately with her expert knowledge and massage and kept me mobile until I had the knee replaced.

As well as treating my knee Fiona prescribed exercises for my shoulders, arms and neck. At 92 I was stiffening up, but the exercises loosened my movements and have continued to make life easier.

My knee replacement went well but left me with a damaged nerve. Fiona treated this, ordering a machine to strengthen my leg muscles and a splint for my leg, which is now back to normal. I now call on Fiona’s specialist expertise whenever I have a problem, and it is always dealt with quickly and sympathetically.

HH, Aug 2019

Fiona is a caring practitioner with a calm and gentle manner. She takes time to listen and to explain everything carefully.

She uses a range of techniques, and sets effective exercises to do between visits, monitoring these carefully so they can be done with confidence.

J, Aug 2019

My daughter is 11 years old and considered to be a talented dancer with lots of potential. However it became apparent that she had winged scapula and despite body conditioning within her dance schools the exercises were having only minimal effect; therefore we decided to see a physiotherapist.

Fiona is exceptional, firstly her demeanour was calm and encouraging for Chloe.

Fiona was (obviously!) extremely knowledgeable about the skeleton and muscles and how they all work in harmony and this in itself helped endear her to my daughter. Chloe responded so well to this obvious knowledge that despite Fiona herself not dancing, Chloe soon realised Fiona didn’t need to dance to be able to support Chloe fully.

Fiona directed her comments and encouragements to Chloe throughout the sessions, ensuring Chloe was fully aware of what was being asked, why, how to do it correctly and what the positive outcomes would be. Where praise was needed for the work Chloe put in out of sessions this was freely given and helped my daughter to continue to be focussed, motivated and determined.

During the 9 sessions Chloe and Fiona worked on the winged scapula, core strength, glutes and hamstrings; all key areas for dancers. We left with a maintenance plan that Chloe can carry forward.

During treatment, Chloe prepared for and took her Grade 5 ballet exam and obtained a distinction! I’m pretty sure that without the corrections and support that Fiona offered Chloe, that Chloe would not have passed the exam to the highest standard. Classical ballet is so very demanding and the work Fiona put in supported the perfectionism required.

Many Thanks Fiona. I have no hesitation in recommending your services.

JS, Aug 2019
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